Wet Fly Swing Members Society
Wet Fly Swing Members Society
Dave Stewart

Welcome to Wet Fly Swing Members Society

Supporting your Journey through the Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast Community

About Me

Dave hosts the Wet Fly Swing Podcast (WFS) where each week he interviews the biggest names in Fly Fishing.

The WFS Members Society is your chance to connect to the community, ask questions and get access to live events and fly fishing classes throughout the country.

Why You Should Join Me

You will get access to our WFS community where you can get answers and ask questions for upcoming podcast guests.

This will be a great opportunity to lean on the community to up your game this year.

A Big Thanks

Thank you for your support for the Wet Fly Swing Podcast!

Your support here will allow us to do a number of new live events that include fly fishing classes where you'll develop and hone your skills.  All of these classes will be 100 % free as part of this Members Group.

Let's Do This Today

Please share a link to this page if you know someone who loves fly fishing and wants to go deeper in fly fishing.